The current status of Rsg Smart Network Private Limited is - Not available for efiling. In case of Rev binding a stretch of polar arginine residues Arg6 and Arg8-Arg11 makes hydrogen bonds or electrostatic interactions with the phosphate backbone of RNA. The company has 2 directors and no reported key management personnel. Tofler, TWS Systems Private Limited and its officers respect the Intellectual Property Rights of all people. These data clearly indicate that the side chain of Arg15 residue plays a major role in stabilizing the U72 base inside the RNA deep groove via stacking interactions which in turns provide higher specificity over Rev towards RRE-IIB binding. A common side effect of treatment with TZDs is weight gain2. As shown in Fig. A thermodynamic and structural analysis of DNA minor-groove complex formation. Molar heat of binding is calculated by integration of the area under the curve of each heat burst using the origin version 7.0 software (Microcal, Inc.; Northampton, MA). HIV-1: fifteen proteins and an RNA. To date cis-regulomes underlying cell type-specific mammalian genomic states have been analyzed by structure-based chromatin profiling. Received 2011 May 23; Accepted 2011 Jul 12. Daly TJ, Cook KS, Gray GS, Maione TE, Rusche JR. In Fig. plotted against the peptide to RNA molar ratio. ), 1∶1 (µ), 2∶1 (−), 3∶1 (8), (a) with Rev peptide (b) with RSG-1.2 peptide. Steady state fluorescence spectra were collected using Xe 900 lamp of Edinburgh instruments Spectrofluorometer equipped with thermoelectrically controlled cell holders. You may notice problems with Abstract OBJECTIVE Rosiglitazone (RSG) is an insulin-sensitizing drug used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: SM. 723-737. A synthetic peptide known as RSG-1.2 binds with high binding affinity and specificity to the RRE-IIB than the Rev peptide, however the thermodynamic basis of this specificity has not yet been addressed. A detailed thermodynamic analysis of these binding events could provide a better insight into the origin of this high affinity and specificity. Tofler makes no claim of ownership or affiliation with any trademark (REGISTERED OR UNREGISTERED) that forms part of any Company/LLP name listed on this page. The excitation of the sample was done at 320 nm wavelength and fluorescence spectra were collected from 340 nm to 450 nm. From Equations (1) and (2), it can be shown that: The free energy of binding was calculated from the standard relation ΔG  =  -RTlnKa where R is the universal gas constant and T is the absolute temperature in Kelvin. As shown in Fig. UV melting profile of RRE-IIB alone and in the presence of different molar ratio of Peptide: RRE-IIB 0∶1 (! Buffer condition was as described in the caption to Fig. It helps you find out other directorships of an Indian director and where else he has business interests. NMR and crystallographic studies also show that the U72 base behaves differently in the two complexes. The standard relationship used for calculation of heat capacity changes is: In order to calculate the heat capacity change for the binding of peptides to RRE-IIB, we performed ITC experiment at 10°C, 20°C and 35°C, in addition to that of 25°C, under identical buffer conditions as described previously. Individuals with type 2 diabetes are insulin resistant and as a group have a lower exercise capacity (Vo2max) than age- and weight-matched people without diabetes (1,2). The direction of arrow shows the increasing concentration of peptides. Co-operative Rev binding to stem I of Rev-response element modulates human immunodeficiency virus type-1 late gene expression. The homeostasis of gibberellins (GAs) is maintained by negative feedback in plants. Bond issues and syndicated loans. Isothermal titration calorimetry measurements were conducted at 25°C on a Microcal VP-ITC (Microcal, Inc.; Northampton MA). Developmental modules comprise discrete units specified by self-sufficient genetic programs that can interact with each other during embryogenesis. increase in temperature, from 40 to 95°C. On the other hand Rev binding to RRE-IIB is associated with essentially no change in heat capacity. The changes in the fluorescence intensity at 370 nm were monitored as a function of increase in peptide concentration. Wrote the paper: SK KM SM. Each experiment of this type was accompanied by the corresponding control experiment in which 350 µM peptide were injected into a solution of buffer alone. Temperature dependent UV melting experiments were carried out using a Cary 100 (Varian) Spectrophotometer equipped with thermoelectrically controlled cell holder. © TWS Systems Private Limited. already built in. Marky LA, Blumenfeld KS, Kozlowski S, Breslauer KJ. [2AP-RRE-IIB RNA]  =  0.1 µM. Here we report a novel role for central nervous system (CNS) PPARγ in the regulation of ... (RSG), improves glycemic control at the expense of increased caloric intake, ... Nat Med. All the stock solutions were prepared in Milli-Q water. The cuvette used for acquiring spectra was of 1 cm in path length. Recognition of the high affinity binding site in rev-response element RNA by the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 rev protein. n = 3 independent experiments. The duration of each injection was 8 s and the delay between the injections was 300 s, the initial delay prior to the first injection was 200 s. Each injection generated a heat burst curve (microcalories/second vs. seconds) and the area under each curve was determined by integration [using origin version 7.0 software (Microcal, Inc.; Northampton, MA)] to obtain the measure of heat associated with that injection. The A Diabetes Outcome Progression Trial (ADOPT) shows that women taking RSG experienced more fractures than patients taking other type 2 diabetes drugs. A quartz cell of 1cm path length was used for all absorbance studies. Heat capacity changes that accompany the peptide binding to RNA provide further insight into the thermodynamic mode of binding. The current status of Rsg Smart Network Private Limited is - Not available for efiling. CD signal at 265 nm remain unchanged in both cases. A quartz cell of 1 cm path length, transparent from four sides, was used. 80, Near Kantowali Masjid Rampura, Najibabad, Bijnor Bijnor Uttar Pradesh - 246763India. Solid line in Fig. Fluorescence spectroscopy is a useful tool for determining binding constants of two interacting partners. Biochemical studies have identified the critical bases in upper stem region of RRE-IIB essential for Rev binding [23]–[25]. Spolar RS, Record MT. Sheeraj has the largest number of other directorships with a seat at a total of 1 companies. On the other hand, incorporation of similar charge bearing amino acid (Lys) results in 5.2 kcal/mol decrease in enthalpy change. RSG Michotel har restaurant, bar, fælles lounge og have i General Santos. 3, unfolded fraction of RNA (α) has been plotted against the temperature (in °C)and as shown in Fig. Funding: This work was supported by 1R21CA227926-01A1 and 1UO1CA232488-01 from the National Institutes of Health (Cancer Moonshot program), 1R01AI114581 from the National Institutes of Health, V2014-001 from the V-Foundation, and 128436-RSG-15 … • RSG promotes PPARγ-targeting genes expression to increase FFA uptake and reesterification, inhibit lipolysis in adipocytes. If you do decide to use it be aware that if you do either of these two things the glue will be less effective: over-heat it or use it after it has rotted from sitting out as a liquid for days. A negative ΔCp indicates burial of non-polar surfaces whereas burial of polar surfaces causes a positive change in ΔCp. HIV-1 Rev protein assembles on viral RNA one molecule at a time. The company currently has a paid up capital of INR 1.00 lac. Pond SJ, Ridgeway WK, Robertson R, Wang J, Millar DP. Nekhai S, Jeang KT. It was formed in year 2020 in Andaman and Nicobar . For each optically detected transition, the melting temperature (Tm) was determined using previously described methods [35]. Rev plays a crucial role for the export of unspliced mRNA, from nucleus to the cytoplasm, upon binding to the Rev Response Element (RRE). Structural characterization of the complex of the Rev response element RNA with a selected peptide. Kjems J, Brown M, Chang DD, Sharp PA. Energetics of DNA–drug interactions. Analyzed the data: SK DB H. Suryawanshi H. Sabharwal. These were not osteoporotic vertebral fractures but, rather, occurred in the limbs. Schwartz S, Felber BK, Fenyö EM, Pavlakis GN. This large negative change in heat capacity (ΔCp = -444.6±15 cal/mol*K) could arise from many factors. Theoretical aspects of isothermal titration calorimetry. RSG-1.2 binding isotherm show that initial injections have large heat bursts while after saturation each heat burst represents the heat corresponding to the heat of dilution only. The 14-3-3 signaling proteins negatively regulate RSG by sequestering it in the cytoplasm in response to GAs. In: DiCera E, editor. This thread is archived. All Rights Reserved. 370) was normalized by subtraction of the fluorescence intensity in the absence of drug (ΔF = F -F The company currently has a paid up capital of INR 1.00 lac. Along with these reports our CD results also shows that RSG-1.2 binding leads to more structuring of RRE-IIB as compared to Rev binding. On the other hand fitting of RSG-1.2 binding isotherm with the same equation gives Ka = 16.2 ±0.6×107 M−1. Melting profile of 2-AP labeled RNA shows that incorporation of 2-AP at position U72 does not have any effect on stability of RNA (data not shown). Calculating thermodynamic data for transitions of any molecularity from equilibrium melting curves. All CD spectra were collected in buffer, consisting of 10 mM sodium cacodylate, 50 mM NaCl and 0.l mM EDTA at pH 7.5 and 25°C. This multimeric RNA-protein complex is then transported to the cytoplasm with the help of exportin-1 and other nuclear protein complexes [19]–[22]. Funding: SM acknowledges Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, Project Title: NWP 0036). Entropy changes associated with these binding events can be calculated by using ΔG values obtained from the equation ΔG  =  -RTlnKa and ΔH obtained from above results in equation ΔG = ΔH – TΔS. We are experimenting with display styles that make it easier to read articles in PMC. Enthalpy change (ΔH) of binding at different temperatures can be plotted against the temperature and the slope of this plot gives the heat capacity change (ΔCp). Normalized change in fluorescence intensity at 370 nm was plotted against molar concentration of peptide. Yedavalli VS, Jeang KT. The thermodynamics of the formation of this complex has recently been revealed [37] which shows enthalpy driven binding of arginine rich motif of Tat protein to the TAR RNA. Although increase in Tm cannot be correlated directly with higher affinity of RSG-1.2 but this certainly indicates higher stabilizing effect of former over Rev peptide on RRE-IIB. Issuer information. Der er også familieværelser og grill. Besides, the low enthalpy change in Rev-RRE-IIB complex formation could be due to desolvation and deionization of polar groups, which negatively compensates for the energy released due to hydrogen bond formation. Taken together, all the findings suggest that in case of Rev binding all these factors contribute to the favorable entropy. Such reports can be bought from company pages at Tofler (Sample) or can be downloaded from Company360. The fluorescence emission intensity at 370 nm (F Costabilization of peptide and RNA structure in an HIV Rev peptide-RRE complex. It was formed in year 2003 in Andhra Pradesh . These titrations were performed in buffer, consisting of 10 mM sodium cacodylate, 50 mM NaCl and 0.l mM EDTA at pH 7.5. 6a) was quite large. We have done thermodynamic profiling of interactions of RRE-IIB (Fig. The feature is available for unlimited use in Company360 platform. The ePub format uses eBook readers, which have several "ease of reading" features The protective effects of RSG were abolished by PPAR‐γ antagonist GW9662 (10 μM), not by PPAR‐α antagonist GW6471 (10 μM) in STHdh Q111/Q111 cells. Login for email address. Buffer condition was as described in the caption to Fig. Addition of Rev peptide induces the structural changes in RRE-IIB in a concentration dependent manner. 2) has positive maxima at 265 nm and a weak negative minima at 240 nm followed by a strong negative peak at 210 nm, characteristic of A-form RNA structure. Suryawanshi H, Sabharwal H, Maiti S. Thermodynamics of peptide-RNA recognition: the binding of a Tat peptide to TAR RNA. 3. By coupling FAIRE-seq with STARR-seq we assemble the first functionally filtered cis-regulome for a mammalian cell type, an activated B cell. These titrations were performed in buffer, consisting of 10 mM sodium cacodylate, 50 mM NaCl and 0.l mM EDTA at pH 7.5. It is classified as a private limited company. How SME retailers can revive and thrive in the post lockdown world. There are many reports where 2-Aminopurine has been used as a probe for detecting structural changes in the RNA upon binding with small molecules [37], [38]. In addition to these specific interactions A68 of RNA also packs against the Ala rich C-terminus of RSG-1.2 peptide. Fluorescence titrations of RRE-IIB (normalized at 370 nm) in the presence of increasing concentration of Rev (!) treat Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). The specificity of the CRM1-Rev nuclear export signal interaction is mediated by RanGTP. In case of Rev binding, there is less structuring of RRE-IIB which leads to a more favorable entropic contribution as compared to binding of RSG-1.2. Alpha helix-RNA major groove recognition in an HIV-1 rev peptide-RRE RNA complex. The ePub format is best viewed in the iBooks reader. • RSG can improve insulin sensitivity in muscle and adipose cells and ameliorate insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes. News and credit rating. CD spectra of RRE-IIB alone and in the presence of peptide toRRE-IIB molar ratio of 1∶1, 2∶1, 3∶1, 4∶1 and 5∶1 (a) Rev peptide (b) RSG-1.2 peptide. Email us at, TWS Systems Private Limited (Tofler)201/25 Heritage City, M.G. Delling U, Roy S, Sumner-Smith M, Barnett R, Reid L, et al. RSG - Finance (TIN 7709858440, OGRN 1107746601632). In Fig. Tofler has no financial reports to provide on this company due to unavailability of financial information. and RSG-1.2 (,) peptides. Harada K, Martin SS, Tan R, Frankel AD. This provides two specific hydrophobic interactions Pro9 and Ala 12 with the hydrophobic surface of RNA. It was formed in year 2002 in Andhra Pradesh . Trademarks, if any, listed on this page belong to their respective owners. Overnatningsstedet har døgnåben reception, lufthavnstransport, roomservice og gratis WiFi overalt på ejendommen. Rev binding causes the flipping of U72 residue towards the aqueous solution [31], whereas RSG-1.2 binding results in flipping of U72 residue inside the major groove region facilitating the stacking of U72 with Arg15 residue [32]. Use of 2-aminopurine as a fluorescent tool for characterizing antibiotic recognition of the bacterial rRNA A-site. This negligible enthalpy of Rev binding could be partially explained by different structural changes that occur in the microenvironment of the complex. Askjaer P, Jensen TH, Nilsson J, Englmeier L, Kjems J. RSG had no effect on wild-type littermate cognitive performance. The rev (trs/art) protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 affects viral mRNA and protein expression via a cis-acting sequence in the env region. The buffer solution contained 10 mM sodium cacodylate buffer, 0.1 mM EDTA and 50 mM NaCl at pH 7.5. Rev-ing up post-transcriptional HIV-1 RNA expression. Thermal melting study indicates much higher stabilization of RRE-IIB structure upon binding to RSG-1.2 (Tm shift 4.3°C) than Rev binding (∼1°C Tm shift), albeit in both cases, the binding stoichiometry is 1∶1. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2011 November 1. This substitution lowers the affinity of RSG1.2 peptide to the value similar to the Rev peptide. All the experiments were conducted at 25°C. Assuming 1∶1 stoichiometry for the interaction, it can be shown that: Where Ka is the association constant, [R0] is the total RNA concentration and [Lt] is the added peptide concentration. The company is yet to submit its first full-year financial statements to the registrar. Malim MH, Cullen BR. Molding a peptide into an RNA site by. Interestingly the thermodynamic signatures of the binding have also been found to be different for both the peptides. Negative feedback contributes to homeostasis of the GA levels. Thus the slope of the plot, enthalpy (ΔH) vs. temperature (T), gives heat capacity change, ΔCp  =  -444.6±15 cal mol−1 K−1, for the binding of RSG-1.2 with RRE-IIB. Arrigo SJ, Weitsman S, Zack JA, Chen IS. Zhang Q, Harada K, Cho HS, Frankel AD, Wemmer DE. In case of the Rev-RRE-IIB complex, the α helical region of the peptide is inserted into the wide major groove of the RRE RNA, thereby enabling the side chains of amino acids to interact with the bases and run parallel to the phosphate backbone [31]. 3b shows the melting profile of RRE-IIB alone as well as in the presence of different concentration of RSG-1.2 peptide. Solid line represents the linear regression fit of the data points. The marginal increases in the Tm at higher peptide to RNA molar ratio, above 1∶1 in both the cases, could be due to non-specific interaction with the secondary structure of RNA. 2a. RSG plays a role in the homeostasis of GAs through direct binding to the promoter of NtGA20ox1 encoding a GA 20-oxidase (Fukazawa et al., 2010). Indyk L, Fisher HF. 2a, with increasing concentration of Rev peptide, the CD signal became more negative at 240 nm and 210 nm, whereas no significant change was observed at 265 nm. 113–130. Daly TJ, Doten RC, Rennert P, Auer M, Jaksche H, et al. Figs. To investigate the contribution of U72-Arg15 interaction in determining the specificity of RRE-IIB-RSG-1.2 interaction, we have designed two mutants of RSG-1.2 peptide by substitution of Arg15 with Asp and Lys respectively. Similarly Fig. The different contributors to the heat capacity change are the change in solvent accessible surface area [39], [41], [47], [48], conformational changes [49]–[52] and to some extent electrostatic interactions [49], [53]. Furtado MR, Balachandran R, Gupta P, Wolinsky SM. 4, filled circle) also increased the fluorescence intensity of RRE-IIB, and saturated at ≈0.3 µM peptide concentration. (a) the baseline corrected experimental data for Rev (b) molar heats of binding (!) Details of the last annual general meeting of Rsg Smart Network Private Limited are not available. It is classified as a private limited company. Identification of a high-affinity RNA-binding site for the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Rev protein. The structural changes in RRE-IIB, brought upon RSG-1.2 addition are shown in Fig. 5a and ​and6a6a show the heat burst generated after each injection of 350 mM Rev and RSG-1.2 peptide respectively to a 10 µM solution of RRE-IIB RNA duplex. All titrations were performed in a buffer containing 10 mM sodium cacodylate, 50 mM NaCl and 0.l mM EDTA at pH 7.5 and 25°C. These titrations were performed at a fixed RNA concentration of 0.1 µM and the peptide was added in increasing concentration until saturation was attained. 3. Nat. It was incorporated on 29 August, 2020 and is located in , Uttar Pradesh. Coupling of local folding to site-specific binding of proteins to DNA. Ltd. and used without any further purification. In conclusion, we show that selectivity of binding of RSG-1.2 over Rev peptide to RRE-IIB is mainly enthalpic in origin. The longest serving directors currently on board are Sheeraj and Rafat Amir who were appointed on 29 August, 2020. REPRESSION OF SHOOT GROWTH (RSG) is a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) transcriptional activator with a basic Leu zipper domain. Based on these studies many groups have tried to generate peptides with increased affinity and specificity to block the Rev-RRE-IIB complex formation. A Merlin-medipix direct electron detector, which is a counting type detector, was used to record the electron diffraction pattern at each probe position with an exposure time of 1 ms per probe position leading to a total electron fluence of ca. Biochemical characterization of binding of multiple HIV-1 Rev monomeric proteins to the Rev responsive element. 5a), to RRE-IIB were small, whereas heat changes associated with RSG-1.2 binding (Fig. Figs. Carter AP, Clemons WM, Brodersen DE, Morgan-Warren RJ, Wimberly BT, et al. (a) RSG-1.2 R15D mutant peptide. Performed the experiments: SK DB H. Suryawanshi H. Sabharwal. Molar ellipticities, [θ], are in units of deg cm2 dmol−1, where M refers to moles of RNA strand per litre. Slope of this fitted line give the change in heat capacity (ΔC Here is the video showing how you can explore company networks to discover hidden relationships between companies. Know more about the businesses you deal with. The overall decrease in enthalpy is ≈38%, but the change in entropy is favorable as compared to that of RSG-1.2 peptide binding. It tells me to go to but that's not really helping imo. share. In total, the company is connected to 0 other companies through its directors. The heat changes associated with Rev binding (Fig. RSG (REPRESSION OF SHOOT GROWTH) is a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) transcriptional activator with a basic leucine zipper domain that regulates the endogenous amount of GAs by control of GA biosynthetic enzymes. Kingsman SM, Kingsman AJ. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) is most widely used experimental tools to calculate different thermodynamic parameters of two binding partners. CD spectra of only peptide in 25 µM concentration. Each of heat burst in the panel corresponds to single peptide injection. Marky LA, Breslauer KJ. 5b and ​and6b6b show the corrected values of heat of each injection plotted against peptide to duplex molar ratio. Similarly Rev also mediates the export of unspliced mRNA from nucleus to the cytoplasm by binding through its arginine rich motif to the RRE RNA. Binding of Rev also results in flipping of U72 residue towards solution side thereby increasing the flexibility of this base. Insight into the thermodynamic basis of these interactions can open a new avenue for developing new therapeutic molecules targeting such complexes. Solid lines represent fits of the experimental data points with equation 3. The company currently has a paid up capital of INR 1.00 lac. The values of heat associated with each injection were corrected for the corresponding heat of dilution derived from the peptide addition to the buffer alone under similar conditions. About your vendors, clients and competitors. REPRESSION OF SHOOT GROWTH (RSG) is a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) transcriptional activator that has been suggested to play a role in GA feedback by the regulation of GA biosynthetic enzymes. The thermodynamic parameters along with stoichiometry of binding of Rev and RSG-1.2 to RRE-IIB RNA have been summarized in Table 1. Proteomics and Structural Biology Unit, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, CSIR, Delhi, India. The excitation as well as emission slit width were kept at 3 nm. Analysis of Table 1 shows that RSG-1.2 binding is mainly enthalpically driven with a small negative entropic contribution (TΔS = −2.8±0.1 kcal/mol), on the other hand Rev binding is essentially entropically driven (TΔS = 10.2±0.2 kcal/mol). This is to prevent spam. Where F corresponds to the observed fluorescence intensity at each titrant concentration, F0 and Fb are the respective fluorescence intensities of initial and final states of titration, α is the mole fractions of RNA in bound form. The buffer solution contained 10 mM sodium cacodylate buffer, 0.1 mM EDTA and 50 mM NaCl at pH 7.5 and 25°C. Structure of the A Site of. Circular dichroism (CD) spectra were recorded on a Jasco spectropolarimeter (model J815, Japan) equipped with a thermoelectrically controlled cell holder. The present government was handed over a fully functional administration by the old Nat government with all the checks and balances in place to ensure the smooth running of the country. Mann DA, Mikaélian I, Zemmel RW, Green SM, Lowe AD, et al. Method of determining favorable prognosis against progressing from an asymptomatic condition to AIDS in an human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive subject. Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of HIV-1 gene expression: role of cellular factors for Tat and Rev. Mutation or blockage of TGF-β type II receptor (TβRII) and SMAD4 expressions can help to overcome the growth promoting effects of TGF-β and loss its responsiveness to growth suppression . As it is clearly evident, RSG-1.2 binding increases the Tm of RRE-IIB from 67.3 to 71.6°C at 1∶1 molar ratio of peptide to RNA. This binding facilitates the transport of the RNA to the cytoplasm, which in turn triggers the switch between viral latency and active viral replication. "We've run into a problem while streaming" Can't watch LiveTV, or DVR recordings on my laptop. These values were calculated by extrapolation of the tabulated values of dimer and monomer nucleotides at 25°C to high temperatures using a previously reported protocol [34]. The peptides, used for these studies, Rev (DTRQARRNRRRRWRERQRAAAAR) and RSG-1.2 (DRRRRGSRPSGAERRRRRAAAA) along with two mutants of RSG-1.2, whose sequences are R15D (DRRRRGSRPSGAERRDRRAAAA), R15K (DRRRRGSRPSGAERKRRRAAAA) were purchased from Hysel India Pvt. Structural analysis of the interaction between the human immunodeficiency virus Rev protein and the Rev response element. 6b). The large favorable entropy change in case of Rev binding to RRE-IIB may have its origin either from structural changes, conformationally labile base, desolvation or the number of water molecules released after binding. 2b. Fluorescence labeled RNA having 2-Aminopurine (2-AP) at U72 position of RRE-IIB was obtained from Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd. Netherlands. I guess I have to set the nat type to open, but I just can't seem to find how. Absence of any determinable change could be a result negative compensation from the conformational changes accompanying the binding event. Characterization and expression of novel singly spliced RNA species of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. It's authorized share capital is INR 1.00 lac and the total paid-up capital is INR 1.00 lac. In order to carry out fluorescence titration, RRE-IIB RNA was fluorescently labeled by incorporating 2-Aminopurine (2-AP) at position U72. S2). Report has been successfully added to cart. 7, the value of enthalpy change of RSG-1.2 binding to RRE-IIB has been plotted at different temperatures. RSG regulates the transcription of GA biosynthetic genes (Fukazawa et al., 2000). Customer Service Diagnostics Build number 21 OS Windows 10 Browser Chrome 80.0.3987.149 Flash version 0 Status in home Entitlements tve-vod, tve-linear, … Sharp KA. Eftink MR, Anusiem AC, Biltonen RL.